Friday, June 20, 2008

After a month

After a month

Everything went not the way I planned :( Well, not everything but some things surely gone wrong. My husband found cookies package and yell at me. I know that he was worry about me but it wasn’t pleasant situation. Maybe I should tell him at first, but this supposed to be surprise. Finally he told me that I don’t need to get slimmer because he love me the way I am :) Even if that is not 100% truth it was nice. I talk to him for nearly two hours and explain that this cookie diet is safe, made of natural components etc. When he realized that I’m under doctor’s attention he even smiled and said that I look slimmer already. That is truth because this week I lost another 6 pounds. That’s 20 in a month! My hips are looking slimmer, thighs are less plump and my face looks a little bit more narrow. What can I say more… The way everything turned out surprised me, but I’m glad that now my family knows and I can eat cookies openly. Maybe this whole idea of hiding out and making surprise was not so good after all. But the point is – I’m happy, my family is happy and we are together as close as a fine family should. Now I’ll go and eat a cookie, because I’m a little bit hungry ;)

Till next time!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It’s me again!

I know I supposed to write only about my cookie diet but… This is obvious – these two things are linked ;)

Yesterday evening was so great that I don’t know how to describe it. But I’ll try. My husband told me that I look different, he started to say some nice things to me… And then some dirty things that I haven’t heard for so long… Well, let’s just say that these evening and night was really romantic and nice. I’m starting to feel like I was on the right track again. My weight dropped again – another 5 pounds. With my fat leaving me I become more self-conscious, Jess told me that I look sexy :) Well, I think that she is overreacting, but maybe there is something going on about that. I would like to believe that. She said that my attitude changed. I’m more open to people, wanna chat more with guys. I know that I still have so much to do with my body but all of this… It’s just great! I feel great!

It’s much easier when I know that this works. I don’t even feel hunger. I drink water and healthy juices, eat my cookies six times a day, and feel full of energy and joy. I think that last week was the most difficult and now it’s gonna get easier every day. Oh! And the most important thing: my pants are loose-fitting. I found in the closed some old-fashioned clothes to wear. I guess I have to go sopping ;)

See you next time! Stay sharp!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh the temptation.

It’s another week of my diet. I thought it will come faster but only just now I feel the desire to go to a fast food and eat everything they got to offer. These cookies I eat are really tasty but… Something drags mi into the dark side of the diet ;) But I’m holding, still holding. There is two things that helps me when it’s getting tough. First is Jess, she is marvelous, I can talk to her at any time. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I still keep it as a secret. I mean my diet. My family doesn’t know. I want to surprise them, that their old Sarah can do it herself!

Like I said before… It’s tough at some moments. Especially when I’m cooking dinner for my folks. I wonder if they are suspecting anything. Maybe they do… But I’m trying to be cautious. And I act like I was eating normally, a bit. And now the second thing that helps me out when I’m tired with my diet. It’s my two bathroom scales ;) Now I can check my weight on both. And you know what? They both show that I lost another 4 pounds this week! Now It’s 9 in just 2 weeks. If it goes that way all the time I will be slim in no time.

But I’m afraid. What if I lose myself? These results are so promising, but what if I’m too weak to do it? I know that I must be strong, even stronger, and my dreams will come