Friday, June 6, 2008

Oh the temptation.

It’s another week of my diet. I thought it will come faster but only just now I feel the desire to go to a fast food and eat everything they got to offer. These cookies I eat are really tasty but… Something drags mi into the dark side of the diet ;) But I’m holding, still holding. There is two things that helps me when it’s getting tough. First is Jess, she is marvelous, I can talk to her at any time. Oh, and I forgot to tell you that I still keep it as a secret. I mean my diet. My family doesn’t know. I want to surprise them, that their old Sarah can do it herself!

Like I said before… It’s tough at some moments. Especially when I’m cooking dinner for my folks. I wonder if they are suspecting anything. Maybe they do… But I’m trying to be cautious. And I act like I was eating normally, a bit. And now the second thing that helps me out when I’m tired with my diet. It’s my two bathroom scales ;) Now I can check my weight on both. And you know what? They both show that I lost another 4 pounds this week! Now It’s 9 in just 2 weeks. If it goes that way all the time I will be slim in no time.

But I’m afraid. What if I lose myself? These results are so promising, but what if I’m too weak to do it? I know that I must be strong, even stronger, and my dreams will come

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