Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It’s me again!

I know I supposed to write only about my cookie diet but… This is obvious – these two things are linked ;)

Yesterday evening was so great that I don’t know how to describe it. But I’ll try. My husband told me that I look different, he started to say some nice things to me… And then some dirty things that I haven’t heard for so long… Well, let’s just say that these evening and night was really romantic and nice. I’m starting to feel like I was on the right track again. My weight dropped again – another 5 pounds. With my fat leaving me I become more self-conscious, Jess told me that I look sexy :) Well, I think that she is overreacting, but maybe there is something going on about that. I would like to believe that. She said that my attitude changed. I’m more open to people, wanna chat more with guys. I know that I still have so much to do with my body but all of this… It’s just great! I feel great!

It’s much easier when I know that this works. I don’t even feel hunger. I drink water and healthy juices, eat my cookies six times a day, and feel full of energy and joy. I think that last week was the most difficult and now it’s gonna get easier every day. Oh! And the most important thing: my pants are loose-fitting. I found in the closed some old-fashioned clothes to wear. I guess I have to go sopping ;)

See you next time! Stay sharp!

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