Friday, May 23, 2008

At last!

At last!

I waited for so long (well it was just a few days but after all I’ve been thru…) and finally I’ve got them!

Contact was very nice, they invited me to their medical center. Some handsome ;) man told me that they would calculate the right diet for me, and then send me the product. Then I met others. They took a blood sample from me (I hate needles!), checked my heart and some other stuff. I told them everything they wanted to know, price was ok, I’ve seen worse. They told me that now they would analyze and work to give me the best! That sounded a little bit strained but I smiled and thanked. Actually the talks were pretty long and boring but I think that they will help. So many questions about me, so many answers that I really can’t remember everything! There was something about few phases in my individual program… First they want me to lose weight and then to maintain it. Well to be honest – that sounded reasonable. Everything looked pretty professional.

And in the morning they really came! I opened the box, they smelled nice and looked like some sweetie-tasty-fatty cookies that I loved to eat (yep, I know, that is why I’m fat :) ). After reading some descriptions about calories and other stuff I ate one. It was my breakfast. The first thing I did was to call Jess! And then I thought that I will share my joy with you! I hope the results will be as good as they promised! If not, I’ll kick their butts!

Oh and the cookie itself was pretty tasty. Just like ordinary cookie… And I’m not hungry

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