Saturday, May 31, 2008

First week passed…

Yesterday I went for a little trip to Central Park. I had to tell Jess that her diet is not working properly or something… Well, we took a blanket ;) some food and juice and pitched somewhere on the south side. I felt that I’m still fat and heavy, she told me that I won’t be slim just like that. She said that the whole process will last weeks or even months. I felt so stupid that I just wanted to run away… But we were there together so I ate one cookie (for lunch), talk, laugh and head back. When I got back home, the same afternoon, I checked my weight on my bathroom scales. And… I was shocked! I checked it again and again… And really something has moved inside me! I lost about 5 pounds for the first time since I remember! First thing I thought was: wow! I really did it! But then I felt doubts. Maybe the scale is wrong? Maybe something stacked inside and ruined everything?

I went to a store and bought a new one ;)

She told me that I’m slimmer! So it was truth! My prays have been listened and finally I will become slim, now I know that. 5 pounds in one week, that is great! I have to admit that I believed in this diet, I wanted to believe. I needed that. And I obeyed the whole diet very carefully. Now I know that to do as you are told something is very important. In past there was sometimes poor about it, but now I’m different person. And I will succeed!

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