Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My very first time

Hi there folks!

I’m Sarah. I know many of you will understand me. I got a problem which is… Well let’s just say that that I’m a little bit chubby. Ok, not a little bit, but more. I always had some overweight. In high school I was about one hundred pounds with 5 feet and 5 inches of height. Now there is even worse. My weight stacked on 195 pounds last year (after I gave birth to my daughter) and I can’t lose it. I tried many ways, sweating on gym, running, even starving (I would never do that again!). My man says that I’m ok, but I can see how he looks at those blond slim @#!#% that are just waiting to steal him from me.

I was in despair. I started to think about cutting this awful thing out of me… I’m almost 30, have one beautiful daughter and happy family, I was thinking that I could lose it!

One average day I talked to my friend – Jessica. She is working at one fitness club in NY and she is really slim and fit. I told her that I can’t cope with my problem and she told me that there is something that just could help. At first I laughed when she told me what it was but after making some research… Well I don’t know. Jess said that a few of their clients tried to eat some special cookies, and they worked. I’m not fully convinced but I decided to try. Maybe something will change.

I decided to write about it from time to time because letting these awful thoughts out makes me feel just a little bit better. So… Stay tune!

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